Bouncy castle

How to pick the right bouncy castle
Different wide variety of inflatable castles Appeared on the market with variable quality, They were dazzled by people. Then it is difficult to Choose a qualified inflatable castle or find standard reference , Now inflatable industry leader to give you some advice.
First is the shape. The saying goes, seeing a new thing, the first impression is very important, so that style determines whether you have the desire to buy.the production of Holleyweb’s inflatable castles are designed according to the children‘s favorite cartoon character, Modeling realistic, bright color. it has been the most fun. Then  second is quality.Quality determines whether the customer will buy your products next time .  It can extend the service of good quality life, so you can create more wealth. Holleyweb has a history of quality businesses, integrity business philosophy.all inflatable toys used green screen TPU material, various parameters are inline with international standards.


The third is price. For a product, there may be many customer‘s first concern is the price.We always adhere to the high quality, low price for the bouncy castle to build word of mouth. That is, the same specs, but selection of excellent materials, professional master to create, the more you add the more humanized design, and the price is reasonable, so Holleyweb’s price  is very competitive in the world.
The last is after sale service. Buy a product to understand it the after-sales is very important. We can provide a comprehensive after-sales service. Not only provide free professional investment analysis to solve your worries, and the inflatable castle products sold within two years of free maintenance with glues and repair materials.