Bubble Ball Articles

Bubble ball, also known as bubble football, it is new wave movement in European . Before start, the players upper body wrapped in a clear plastic ball in space, only the  legs to run, play sports. Upper body ball game players relief body collisions in space, space ball played a good role in protection, but space is too large that leads to increased collision between the ball and the ball, because the hands are fixed, it is  difficult to master balance of players . When the players after a fall, the ground bouncing player awkward movements makes the game fun. Bubble soccer goal is no longer important, knocked an opponent is a part of the fun.

Bubble ball is suitable for both children and adult playing together! They can wear it comfortably and bump to each other or play football together. It is suitable for playing on grass, ground and snow. Bubble football is a good choice for amusement activity. It not only can be played for fun but also can be for improving health. Let’s have fun together with the bubble football !


Bubble Ball is  high interest, low skill. Soccer goal in itself is very difficult when the players upper body was wrapped in space ball, hands tied, goals become luxuries with poor balance. Instead, the player lost his balance on the ground bouncing, rolling East West clumsy movements for the game to add a lot of fun. This sport activity  is  going into a fun game of football sport.

1, material: blower, inflatable space ball number, football.

2, site layout: flat clean and tidy place.

3, number: generally consists of 4 to 10 members, no limit on the number (under the influence of size of the venue)

4, creative play: players enter the fully packed space ball or soccer ball, yellow card invalid collision right, scoring is not an end,makes sense of knocking the opponent .