Bubble Soccer Articles

What is bubble soccer ?This new popular sport is very similar to classic football (soccer). If the rules hardly differ from the ones of soccer, the game play may surprise you! In Bubble Football, the objective is still to score as many goals as possible, except that the players from each team compete in a large transparent inflatable bubble (which protect them from head to knees). The feet are then free to defy opponents and grab the ball.

bubble soccer will make you experience a game out of the ordinary and a totally delusional experience! Laughter and fun are guaranteed! If you thought the Bubble Football is reserved only for trained athletes or experienced soccer players, think again! It is a sport for everyone and it requires no special skill.


In bubble soccer, you can move your opponents a few feet safely, which can lead to lots of laughs. Two teams of 5 play against each other, either on an interior or exterior field. The game is played for 3 periods of 10 minutes each. We also play bulldogs charge witch is a better skill based game. Everyone lines up on one side of the venue while the Birthday boy Captain or stag who ever it may be stays in the middle. The goal is for everyone to get from one side to the other without the person in the middle knocking them down, when you knocked down yourself in the middle.the last man standing wins! Another game we like to call roly poly, Every body gets a partner one gets in the bubble,the other rolls when u get to the end of the venue your partner gets out and rolls you back .the first back wins