Inflatable Pool

 Inflatable pool means swimming pool that can be moved.

Swimming has always been the general public enjoys a fitness and Recreation Sports, subject to conditions and safety issues to plague,it  greatly restricted the development of the movement.on the other hand, to investing in stadiums and restricted by the financial, planning and site factors. it’s not easy to achieve. Swimming pool cost is higher and it only can be used for a short time with one year, thus causing the pool costs high, and mobile swimming pool was in this case emerged.

Mobile pool’s greatest feature is a removable, without fixed location. as long as a suitable site can be set up easily. Operators according to their own situation to determine the pool size and configuration requirements. Further more is seasonal ,swimming can make full use of  set up in the summer and the winter also can make full use of land resources.


Inflatable swimming pool

First, drain the pool of water, and then drop off the edge of the gas chamber the gas, cleaned.

Second, repair shearing. Patch to cut patch 3 times . the size of the area, the best for round or oval.

Third, the first base glue. Repair areas that need repair and wipe clean, evenly coated with special glue, and then use a hair dryer to blow not sticky, dry naturally also be available.

Four, fill plastic handle. Patch do just now uniform coated with special glue and patch again, Ditto to less sticky.

Five, sticky and Chip alignment patch repair area, affixed with a slow, careful not to produce bubbles, then used her hand pressed flat.

Six, pressing firmly. Glued and then put the smooth hard objects on the top with flat hard after great pressure to the 24-hour can be used.