Inflatable Tent

This unique transparent design enables people without fear of rain at the same time, felt very close to nature.Bubbles of inflatable tent look and feel more like a huge goldfish, but it  is in fact a fully transparent inflatable tent or Removable tent.


The difference with traditional camping tents, the transparent tent facilities have a lot-wardrobe, shelves have lights, these devices make the bubbles look more like a mobile hotel room.

It is understood that the known as the “Crystal bubble” (Cristal Bubble) of the specifications are up to two adults and children but also has a small bedroom. This is a design into a fully transparent tent will give people residing in 360-degree view. In addition due to personal problems, the designer also designed what he describes as a “cocoon” (cocooning) version, this version of the sky is still completely transparent, but is cannot be seen from outside around inside. There is another one called “bubble” (Bubble Lodge) the design is more like a small villa, there is even space as a small bathroom.

Once after the tent up, outside voice control will be at a minimum, while the internal voice will be amplified. According to the designer explaining, this is for the people who live in them to create a quiet space.