Cheap Giant Inflatable Carton, Inflatable Animal For Advertising
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Product Description

Product Description

Giant inflatable animal, inflatable Rodulph,giant inflatable balloon

Entertainment events
Sporting events
Political events
Celebration day
Trade show
Outdoor advertising
Opening event
Weather service
Science research

Material:0.18mm helium quality PVC
Color reference:Pantone® 106C
Size:2.5m/8ft diameter
Helium volume:8.5m3
Available thickness:0.18mm
Standard:EN 71 part 3, ASTM D-1790

1). 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm and 0.28mm helium quality PVC which is specially customized for helium purpose, it is more elastic and extend life time, meeting EN71, ASTM related standards, can bear low temperature(about -20° C), do not get crack in the winter.
2). Special customized PVC, more than 8 hours test to make sure no leakage, all which will save your helium expense and last at least 10 days once filled.
3). We have many brilliant colors available at no additional charge.
4). Full digital printing is available, you can get 540×1080 dpi printing from our Japanese high resolution digital printing machine.
5). Lighting systems are available
6). Free Repair kits with patching material and glue.
7). All of our giant helium advertising balloons are reusable, durable, attractive, versatile, easy inflate or deflate.
8). Low Price and Fast Delivery, make sure delivery time as promised.
9). MOQ: 1PC


Competitive Advantage:
Specially customized 0.18mm PVC for helium purpose
540*1080 dpi high resolution digital printing
170mm tether points can stand more force.
UV protected printing
On time delivery as promised
2.5m balloon can last more than 10 days once filled helium gas, indoor conditions.


Why advertising helium balloon?

Advertising helium balloon,advertising helium zeppelin,helium blimps,printed balloon and shape balloon are inflatable product,easy store,small package ensure it is more competitive comparing to other advertising material.

Our advertising helium balloon,advertising helium blimps,shape balloon is made of 0.18mm helium quality PVC,which is strong enough for normal usage,you can hang indoor filled with air or fly outside with helium gas,it is easy to handle.

Advertising balloon is giant flying billboards,large Balloons Can Build Your Brand and Increase Exposure,Do you need to STAND OUT from the clutter of traditional advertising? Giant advertising balloons could be the answer.

Advertising Zeppelin,helium balimps have more place for advertising,you can read the whole slogan without turning your head. Easy installation,small package,affordable cost, are not the reasons to equip for your advertising kit.

Advertising balloon and advertising blimps are great attractions and a custom shape balloon is very unusual and noticed.Making your logo or mascot into shape balloon,GO AHEAD,NOW!

Any questions about advertising helium balloon,advertising helium blimps,advertising zeppelin,shape balloon,printed balloon,sports balloon,earth balloon,oval balloon,led lighting balloon,advertising banners and flags,led lighting decorations, please feel free to contact us.


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