Zorb ball, this beautiful and huge transparent sphere has irresistible charm, which consists of more than three meters of a ball and an outer diameter of two meters in diameter within the sphere composed, filled with gas between two goals by thousands Root nylon rope connected. occupant from the entrance into the inner sphere where single people can ride, you can double the same time take the ball equipped with seat belts, bags and shoe and other items. It is divided into ” Body Zorb Ball” and “Water walking ball.” In fact, games are played are the same, mainly to see where your site. Now a new addition “You wave the snow ball”, “Desert zorb ball,” “zorb ball hillside” and so on. The zorb ball Regular size: diameter of 3 meters, the inner diameter of 2 meters, the size can be according to customer requirements pull their regular spot color is transparent, if using colored pull point, the price will be different.


[Specification]  outer diamter 3 m, 2.8 m, 2.5 m, diameter 2 m

[Packaging ] a single product package size

[Material]  PVC, TPU, TPU compound

It can play in the park, wild grass, sloping hills; a variety of scenic spots, water parks, ski resorts, Waterloo battlefield and children’s playground and other places.