Do you know the rules of bubble footballs?

Do you know the rules of bubble footballs?

If you have come here and it is your first time, it may seem very strange that we are going to talk about the rules of bubble footballs. But is that after playing so many games following the rules of bubble football, we have realized that we are forgetting the rules that govern traditional football. And many of those who play with us often are doing the same. So we have decided to make a short summary of the basic rules to follow when playing. Besides not pushing, there are some others. Here we go.

Keep in mind that we will focus on the rules of football 11, as there are many other variants that have different rules. We have already talked about some of them in this blog other times.

The playing field

bubble footballs are played on a grass field, which can be artificial or natural. The latter is the one most frequently used in official competitions and important equipment fields. In fact, many first division teams complain of having to play on artificial turf when they face modest clubs that do not play in the first leagues.

The size of the field is 90-120 meters long by 45-90 meters wide. For international matches, FIFA scores between 100 and 110 in length for a minimum of 64 meters and a maximum of 75 in width. In any case, the field is a rectangle, with two goalposts placed in the center of the ends of the width. Boundaries are painted, as are other marks such as goal areas, the penalty spot or the center of the field and a circle that can not be crossed before the serve.

The corners are usually topped by small flags.

The bubble footballs

The ball with which it is played has official dimensions, besides being regulated even the color or the quantity of pieces with which it is made. Official balls have a seal of approval and can only be used for matches.

Basically, the same ball is always used, although depending on the categories in which it is played, there may be some variation.

There is only one player who can catch the ball with his hands during the game, the goalkeeper. The rest of players can only catch it like this to remove from the band or to pick it up when the game has stopped for some reason.


There are 10 field players and a goalie, who has an action zone in which he is allowed to catch the ball with his hands. If you leave that area, it becomes one more and you can only play with your feet, although the normal thing is that you do not move too much of the goal because there can be a backlash hazard.

This limit of 11 players does not exist since the origin of football. At first there were teams with many more, but as it became more popular and faced teams from different sites, it became necessary to unify this and other standards.

In addition to the players, the field of play is the referee. However, this is not considered a player and is limited to making sure that the game is developed within the rules and exercises as a judge for both teams when these are breached.

The clothes worn by the players are the same, although each team carries different colors so that everyone knows who they are playing with. The field player’s outfit is a T-shirt, which can have long or short sleeves, shorts, knee socks and a pair of cleats to ensure grip on the field. You can also wear shinguards (recommended) and certain protectors, as long as the referee does not consider them a danger to the game. Goalkeepers have equipment different from their teammates, as a general shirt and long trousers with reinforcements on elbows and knees, as they have to be thrown to the ground to avoid being scored a goal. The colors of the shirts can never be equal to those of the referees to avoid confusion.

Objective of the game

The goal has not changed since the invention of football in England, which is now known as the Premier League. Each of the teams tries to score the most goals in the goal of the opponent, so you have to follow the rules and pay attention to the referees.

In fact, the rules of football are many and varied. Almost everything is regulated, besides that from time to time some are adjusted and others are changed. But basically, these we just comment summarizes briefly how you have to play football.


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