What is Bubble Football or Bubble soccer?

What is Bubble Football or Bubble soccer?

Bubble Football, also known as Bubble Soccer and bumper ball, is a new sport and leisure mode within football that aims to offer all fans and lovers of the same sport a unique and different experience away from the traditional. Of recent creation, it is an alternative for all those people who, without being football fans and in many cases also “little” skilful, can play football with the assurance that they will have a good time.

It is a casual style for everyone to have a place in the practice of bubble football, giving the possibility to those who have a greater interest in competing to make it, likewise to those who want to have a good day. Unlike the historical football, born in totally different circumstances, Bubble Football is destined to all those people who each time have a wider range of services and proposals to enjoy their free time and we wanted to add to that list being The pioneers in Spain. If you would like to play bubble football, we are the company specializing in the production of Bubble Football events.

It is an original sport, de-stressing and fun without rules that will make you experience an intense experience like never before. In Bubble Soccer adds a new element that is a clear handicap to be able to develop a match with normality, which are Bubble, giant plastic bubbles with which the player covers the body from the head to the knees ; The bubble is secured by means of harnesses as a backpack, so you can seek the maximum contact between players with the freedom of being able to collide while being protected by the inflatable bubble and with the security of rebounding without suffering any damage.

It is a fun way to disconnect for all those who plan to enjoy a day outdoors and indoor with Bubble Football.

The Burbuja Football is the last known alternative within the wide range of leisure activities, team building, original and fun activities for bachelor parties (Our mixed farewells are an unforgettable joint experience), birthdays, children’s parties and recreational-sporting days . They can be made to have a great time with a group of friends from 8 players and no limit of participants.

BubbleFootball is known as Bubble Soccer or Bubble Soccer within the national territory, something that allows people to have a clearer idea of ​​the peculiarities that the sport itself has. For all those people who love to collect experiences and who seek to enjoy the practice of new activities and sensations by answering the question What do I have to do before …? All you have to do is be ready to have fun. Without a doubt, Bubble Football, our innovative and original sport from start to finish, is the one that takes all the ballots to win when choosing a different activity. In soccer bubble when it seems that the goal is a reality can come your mother-in-law, best friend, father, small cousin and knock …

And now who is the big one? You will ask yourself many times. The forces in many cases in football matches with bubbles are even, and it is not as easy as it seems to win if you take a “bubble” by surprise, here is shown that it is worth more than strength.

With friends, as a family, along with workmates there is always a moment when we want to disconnect and do different activities with all of them, whether on vacation, weekend or a holiday. In all these occasions Bubble Football has room and guarantees to live a most entertaining experience with many funny anecdotes and away from the obligations and demands of day to day.

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