bubble football cascais

bubble football cascais

bubble football cascais is the brand new sports to enjoy your incredible weekends, holidays, parties or events with thrill and spills in Toronto city. Bubble football is a combination of playing football with an enormous 1.6m diameter zorb balls wrapped from head to waist with only players legs free to move. Bubble football is played as a team game with the objective of scoring more goals than the opposing team. Players try to collide with one another meaning any efforts to actually play football bring hilarious results thus it is called “Bumper ball” or “Bubble football”.

bubble football cascais can be played on a football pitch, open and clear grass fields and also indoor sports hall in cascais . It is completely safe and doesn’t hurt when you hit the ground. Bubble football can be enjoyed by all ages and you’ll laugh yourself silly and have a great time playing this craziest sport with your colleagues, friends and family. No hard rules to play this crazy sports where teams compete to score goals without ever being allowed to touch the ball with their hands.


With our wide range of inflatable products, you can make your event even more attention. Our Bubble Football Holleyweb leave a lasting impression on sports fans and also for couch potatoes. In our audience Bumperz provide as much fun as the players.

Holleyweb looking for inflatable sports equipment for events on the land or on the water, here you will find for your event the right inflatable product. Our Bubble Football cascais of Holleyweb that envelop the body, and the water walking ball, allowing you to walk on water without getting wet especially popular.

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