2015 High Quality Qqua And Paddle Boats / Kids Aqua Paddler Boat For Sale
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Handle boat also called paddler boat is impact-resistant, high-density, UV-resistant PE PP processing, rotating to provide a water amusement provided by the power and stability on both sides of the impeller equipment.

power paddler boat
1. Made of high density, high impact new generation plastics, the boats are UV resistant, non-aging and shock resistant.
2. They are available in many different color combinations.
3. A sturdy mooring ring is also molded on the outside rear of the boats to facilitate tying the boats when they are not in use.
4. The double hull makes the boats virtually impossible to sink.
5; The paddle wheels have been technologically designed and positioned to eliminate drag so as to operate the boat with ease.
6. The wheels have also been designed to promote maximum buoyancy.
7. The inside of the hull is molded with water channeling grooves that collect water.
8. The parts connecting to the hull (Windshield and Pillow Blocks) are interlocking in order to eliminate gaps and seams
9. High impact Polyethylene Splash Guard wheel covers are also available, which , which are aimed at keeping the participants dry, especially engineered for indoor/ indoor/ winter activity centers.
10. The Paddle wheel system facilitates control in any direction, even 360º turns.
11. The Junior boats have a recommended weight limit of 150L of 150Lbs (68Kgs) and the Adult size boats, 250Lbs (113Kgs).
12. The handles are connected with “C” clips instead of rubber “O” rings which deteriorate when subjected to water and sun. This prevents loss.
13. Handles grooves are molded underneath to facilitate transport . .
14. A redesigned larger seat insures comfort when paddling.
15. Patented in Asia and Patent Pending in North America

Usage of small handle boat
Children use the handles to power the small boats around the pool and aqua park, great active fun in water.
Handle boats are ideal for use in swimming pools or inflatable pools.
Rental business, retail or wholesales business are all good choice!


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