Hot Sale Amazing Summer Season Inflatable Water Walking Ball Colour Strips Water Zorbing
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Product Description

What is Inflatable Water Ball:
Also known as Inflatable Water Zorbing, Walk on Water Ball, Waterball, a quite popular sporting recreation of adultsor kids walking or running inside the ball on water worldwide, especially in Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Europe etc. It is large Inflatable Sphere Ball Walking on Water with size of 2 meters as diameter, and larger size is practicable. The Inflatable Walk on Water Ball Zorb Balls contain a good quality sealing zipper from Germany “Tizip” and a entrance for people to enter into or come out, and can be used in the inflatable pool or field, beach, lake etc for lots of fun, especially for children. Just enjoy the Inflatable Clear Ball to Walk on Water Zorbing Ball Sport Games and sure you are going to love it! In order to no suffocation, people MUST NOT stay inside over 15 minutes. Would you like to purchase some Inflatable Walk on Water Ball in good price and reliable manufacture from China? We are supplying a wide range of Zorbing Ball Walk on Water, land, grassfield or snowfield around the world in reasonable price and consistent quality as well. If you intend to make a trial order, welcome to contact and order with us.

Water Zorbing Specification:
1) Material: PVC or TPU
2) Thickness: 0.8mm (1.0mm available)
3) Size: diam 2m (1.8m, 2.5m, 3.0m available)
4) Zipper: Germany “TIZIP”
5) Packaging: brown master carton
6) Packaging Size: 50x35x20cm
7) G.W.: 15kgs
8) Suitable to inflatable water pool, inflatable field, beach and lake etc
9) Customized material, thickness, size, colour and design are all workable

Water Zorbing Accessories:
1) One Germany “Tizip” zipper
2) One entrance
3) Two handles near zipper outside
4) Two safety buckles to tie a rope
5) One blower with CE/UL certificate
6) One repair kit, such as spare material, glue etc
7) Welcome Customized logo, OEM and ODM etc

Water Zorbing – How Should We Use it?
1) Open the ball and zip, the person walking into it
2) Inflate it with the blower/pump until it is fulled with air(over-inflation not allowed!)
3) The field personnels roll it forward on the water
4) Players(max two) start to walk, climb or run inside the water zorb ball and have fun
5) Attention! The play MUST BE NOT more than 15 minutes so as to prevent suffocation
6) Suggested to re-inflate fresh air after the play every time

Maintenance & Storage:
1. Make the water walking ball clean. Disinfect and clean it regularly
2. Must check all the water walking ball before using . When finding the damage ,you must mend it in time.
3. When carrying the aqua ball, you should avoid dragging and fraying it on concrete or other rough surface,
which will result in leaking.
4. After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the ball. Make sure the ball is dry,
especially on the zipper .Then put it into cool and dry place.


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