The best goals in history

The best goals in history

Goal is the raison d’être of football. At least traditional football, because in football bubble matters more have a good time. Although also the team that wins the most wins at the end of the game, who knows.

Having previously reviewed the most absurd miss goals and other moments worth remembering for several reasons, it has come to the best goals that have been seen throughout history. Maybe you miss some or think there are better ones, but keep in mind that they have scored millions of goals around the world since the game was invented. There may even be masterful goals that have not been recorded and no one alive can remember them.

Maradona to England

They played the World Cup in Mexico 86. Argentina faces England and Maradona catches the ball from the middle of his field. He starts on the right wing and overcomes all rivals as if only he were. It blends with pleasure and nobody can do anything to make the score go up 2 to zero. This goal is considered the best of the entire 20th century. More than 100 thousand people saw it live and the Argentine television broadcaster gave him so much life that he is also remembered for that.

Curiously, this second goal preceded the famous “hand of God”. The final result was 2 to 1 in favor of the South Americans.

Owen to Argentina

In 1998, the British Owen took revenge of the Argentineans. He fires a ball in the middle of the field, gets off two defenders and scores from the opposite angle of the goal. The efforts of the goalkeeper to close the angle are no good.

Pelé to Sweden

The images are black and white, since in 1958 the televisions only looked like this. The king for the ball with the chest, having behind a Swedish player trying to prevent it from moving. Pele writhes and in front is another defender, but it seems that is called to mark as it is. It makes a balloon that surpasses the player, and with the same precision that a surgeon kicks to place the ball in the bottom of the goal.

It is very likely that Pelé had equally spectacular goals, or even better. But at that time not all parties were televised. The Brazilian is part of the list of 5 best plays we collected a while ago, something otherwise normal when we talk about a genius like him.

La rabona de Cataldo

In 2003 the Chilean Mauricio Cataldo scored a goal of rabona that is considered the best in history made that way. It served for the University of Concepcion to defeat the University of Chile.

He picked up a lost ball, crossed the left side and skillfully hung up the ball, describing a perfect arc that the goalkeeper could not stop. For something it is still called “the king of the rabona”.

The magic goal of Roberto Carlos to France

Also called the impossible goal, in 1997 Roberto Carlos launched a free kick that left Barthez as surprised as the rest.

After placing the ball, he walks back almost 20 steps, shoots with the left and the ball overcomes the barrier by one side and makes a movement so unexpected that the goalkeeper does not move. When you look at the path it is too late, because it is inside the goal. It is so mind-boggling that it has even become an object of study in universities.

Puyol to Germany in South Africa 2010

A goal that well worth a world, although it was marked in the semifinals. Carles Puyol’s header is a corner kick that the German keeper can not stop. The result of the match ended thus, with 1 to zero in favor of Spain. With players like him it is not surprising that Barça Guardiola is one of the candidates to be declared the best team in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Osasuna

In 2012, after coming off an injury, Real Madrid faced Osasuna and Cristiano Ronaldo scores a thrashing that goes right through the top right corner of the goalkeeper. The stadium breaks into applause and all the teammates welcome you.

There are more goals, no doubt. But these are reminiscent of how spectacular they were, marking some of them a before and after in the history of football. We have not put them number because all of them could top any list, so if you dare to order them, you mark the position they should occupy. What has been the best goal ever for you? Are any of these or do you prefer a different one?

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